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A Supportive Hug

London Psychology CIC

We work with people to find connection with something that matters to them and has positive impact in the world.

We are a conscious business - choosing paths of service that positively impact local community, society at large, as well as the global environment.

Supporting mental health through counselling & positive change consulting

Our Offering

We are a conscious business - choosing paths of service that positively impact local community, society at large, as well as the global environment.

We offer confidential 1:1 counselling sessions to facilitate finding inspirational positive change

Our therapists provides support with career challenges, anxiety, depression, relationships and many other areas. 


We offer workshops teaching new skills to groups and activating positive thinking.


We can support active listening, creative art as expression, managing stress and leadership coaching. 


We offer packages to organisations for leadership development, employee mental health, workshop skills and more...

Get in touch for a bespoke package.

Our Offerin

People we've supported say...

Workshop Delivery

Carers Charity Group

"Our carers were engaged and learned new listening skills but also became excited on how to use dialogue in their day to day life."

Positive Change Consulting

Community Network Group

"It's been important to find a way to keep our values and vision while we grow and expand. Finding support for positive change has been key."


- Glenn Close

“What mental health needs is more sunlight, more candor, and more unashamed conversation.”

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