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We offer counselling, a safe and confidential space for you to explore your thoughts and emotions.  This services is offered online via Zoom due to the current pandemic.  We look to align with community and offer services in accessible spaces.

Life is a story we tell ourselves. 

A lived experience of our memories, behaviours and relationships with others and the world. Sometimes we find ourselves reliving parts of the story over and over again and it can become painful.

We can feel stuck not knowing what to change. Many times, we learn these stories in childhood and then get caught in negative loops as adults.

It can be difficult and lonely when we are stuck in a loop.  Our counsellors are here to explore your story together.


Meet the Team

Hello,  I'm Paula (she/her) a psychotherapist, MSc and I believe:

I will sit with you, as your therapist, while we explore your story together in a safe non-judgmental space. We will dream a new path that honours your needs.  Practicing new story lines that positively change your life.

I tailor my counselling skills to your uniqueness which is called integrative counselling. The ultimate goal is that you find a story line that allows you to be yourself, your true self. Honouring and owning your story in life.

I'm qualified to offer career counselling, relationship struggles, spirituality, feelings of anxiety, depression, isolation and grief.  I'm able to support with trauma, bereavement, migrant mental health, emigration or expatriate challenges.

My therapy practice is rooted in science and research.  I use neuroscience and body-based trauma research to support a safe processing of emotions.  Talking therapy is scientifically proven to have positive physical impact on your brain, body and overall mental health.  Like a good physical workout, therapy can also be a place to maintain your mental health. It is also tailored to you.


  • Diploma Integrative Psychodynamic Counselling

  • MSc International Business Management

  • Founder of London Psychology Org

  • NHS IAPT Mental Health Counselor

  • Team Development Lead in SOL Portuguese Community Project

  • Bi-Lingual speaks Portuguese (BR) & English

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